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Iíve been going to BLX networking meetings since I launched my web-site www.PopularPittsburgh.com in 2009. BLX has been a great asset. I enjoy building relationships with the networkers that come to most meeting. And I appreciate the opportunity to meet suppliers and network with business professionals that I would never have come in contact with if BLX were a category exclusive, membership type organization.
Tom Pollard

Hi Carol:

It was wonderful to meet you yesterday, and I appreciate how comfortable you made me feel. It was my first ever networking meeting and I found it to be a rewarding experience. I look forward to many more to come.

Sheldon S. Rodgers
Account Executive

I just wanted to say what a wonderful floral display Cheswick Floral did for Northwest Savings Bank. We needed a floral arrangement for a coworker whose father passed away on Friday ( Mothers Day Weekend) and did not know the visitation until Monday morning. The person who orders the flowers called me asking for a florist because hers was closed. I gave her Doraís number and the floral arrangement was there way before visitation started at noon. When I saw the arrangement I just gasp at the beauty of it... Thanks Dora for your promptness and your talent... ( Dora wasnít closed after Motherís Day J)

Beth A Hastings
Office Manager
Northwest Savings Bank

It was great to meet you Wednesday at your BLX networking luncheon.
Boy, it seems like a very energetic group of people. I enjoyed the friendliness and acceptance by everyone I met. I would be remiss not to say I look forward to the next meeting.

Continued success in 2011 and beyond,
George Payne
Senior Loan Officer
Federated Mortgage Corp..

I wanted to thank Carol and all of the people in the BLX Networking Group for having these meetings. At the last meeting, I received a referral from NorthWest Savings Bank that was greatly appreciated! It was a significant popcorn order and we would not have received it if not for BLX. It is a very professional, non-pressure group of business people focused on helping each other achieve success. Thank you Carol (and of course thank you Northwest Savings Bank)!
Jean DeFilippis, Owner

I have been attending BLX networking lunches for almost a year and have met an incredible group of people that I now call friends. Thank you to Carol Briney for hosting and organizing a lunch that I look forward to each month.

I especially want to thank Jim Lillicotch for letting me know about the Pepsi Refresh Grant. Several months ago Jim emailed me about a grant that he thought would be a great fit for Military Connections. I checked the information out, applied for $5000 and on March 22nd was informed from Pepsi that we had officially won a Pepsi Refresh Grant.

Without Jimís email I would have never known about the opportunity to receive $5000. Thank you for always looking for leads! Military Connections owes you one!

-Summer Tissue
Founder Military Connections

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the Business Leads Exchange Networking Group. I have gotten most of my leads and business from BLX Networking meetings. I have worked with Carol Briney - CarolBrineyWorkFromHome.com, Freddie Cecchini- Creating Soul, Janet Rushmore - ReMax, Jim Lillicotch- Lillicotch.com, Jim Merante - Padgent Business Solutions, Lisa Spahr - Life Coach, Trent Griffith - TalkínTables and many others. Many of my other jobs have come from people at Business Leads Exchange passing my name out to their contacts. I have even done the graphics work and layout on a book that has been published because of a lead from BLX. Of all the meetings I attend BLX has been the most productive. Thank you Carol for keeping BLX going.

Daniel Szwedko Graphics
4133 Ben Miller Road
Gibsonia, PA 15044
Phone 724.931.9180

I must tell you what happened because of your BLX networking meeting. My company, Talk'n Tables, gained a new client that has turned into a VERY GOOD client. Diane Tressa was introduced to me at one of your meeting. We "chit chatted" for awhile about our companies and then scheduled an appointment to talk more. She felt TnT would be a good fit for her and apparently it has been because she is a top advertiser with me. Without going to your BLX meeting I am sure this would not have happened. Oh yea, one more thing, I told her I appreciated her business but hoped I never would need her. She's in the bail bonds business! and very successful I might add. So Talk'n Tables and Diane Tressa Bail Bonds owes alot to you and your group.

Trent Griffith
Talk'n Tables LLC
Let Our Tables Do Your Talk'n

I've gotten more business from BLX than anything else I've EVER tried. Not just people who come to the lunches, but I can't tell you how many times they have referred me to their clients and friends. That's the best recommendation that you can get and what networking is all about.

I love the format where there can be more than one person from any category. What I've found is that the best people tend to stay and come back often and the folks who just want to shove their business card in your hand and move on the their next "victim" move on to some other group.

BLX people genuinely want to help each other succeed.

Jim Lillicotch
Lillicotch Web Design

Website Lillicotch.com