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What is Business Leads Exchange?


Business Leads Exchange Networking is an organization making connections between like-minded businesses. We're essentially a family of companies that keep our ear to the ground and look out for opportunities for fellow members. Through this strategic partnership, we help grow each other's businesses whether by passing leads or making valuable collaborator relationships.


The BLX network is an inclusive group of businesses from different sectors. There is no set criteria for entry but our members tend to share some traits with at least two other businesses. As long as there is some crossover between target customers, suppliers and collaborators, there is a benefit to members. As the business world moves more digital, more and more conversations and deals are happening on the internet and over social media so our companies are based globally, having originally grown from the USA, only.


Featured Sectors and Businesses


Marketing and PR

Marketing experts JC Social Media have been members of BLX for several years, with a particular focus on their social media consultancy services. The business works with companies and individuals looking to leverage social media to develop brand awareness and attract new business opportunities. With particular specialisms in Facebook ad management and Instagram growth strategies, the business has a well-read blog, a busy account management team and social media trainers. An active member of the community, the UK-based business is highly regarded in the digital marketing sector.

Digital marketing features heavily in our roster of businesses and the people behind Flaunt Report are members of the network. Flaunt is a social media reporting tool used by digital marketing agencies to report their work and results to their clients. A development team has created a tool that is used by agencies across the globe, with particular penetration in the USA and Canada. Users of the platform include in-house marketers, digital agencies and a growing freelancer base.


A meeting of digital marketing experts


E-commerce and apparel

Get Stoic is a unique clothes retailer in the philosophy space. The site, which sells t-shirts, tops, hoodies, and other merchandise all on the subject of Stoicism serves an international client base with particular traction in the USA and South Asia. The site pays homage to the famous Stoics including Seneca, Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius. The founders are popular members within the group and their knowledge of internet marketing and e-commerce has been invaluable.

There are several members with cross-over in the e-commerce, drop-shipping and retail spaces with the community able to offer support and guidance within the network. 


Other sectors

There are 60 members of BLX in approximately 15 discreet sectors. The diversity of members provides significant opportunities for expansion and knowledge and skill acquisition. We have businesses operating in the retail, direct marketing, printing and manufacturing, software development and logistics sectors, to name just a handful.

Our members are always learning and striving to better themselves as marketers, salespeople or business owners. This may be through savvy investment in software or infrastructure, developing robust processes, better hiring or completing rethinking their approach to business.


 Business owners and marketers discussing strategy



Thanks to Expressions Cafe for their support and providing an excellent venue for our meetings during the last few years. We wish the team there all the best for the future.